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Anybody heard of the “Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal”? I did, when I was about 8 years old. I remember thinking magic and spells and things were really cool and I read somewhere that locked up in this giant mysterious library all the way over in France were actual manuscripts from ancient magicians and sorcerers. I really wanted to visit that library. In my imagination, it was made out of brick, and was filled with archives upon archives of books, literature, maybe even writings from Solomon himself.

Well, just the other day, I remembered the name of the library (I even remembered how to spell it) and I searched on the web for it and found it! Here’s their website, again, if you don’t want to search for it like I did, just click here: Bibliotheque de l’Arsenal. On the front page of the site is a cool looking mysterious room, except it’s not ‘mysterious’ as I would have imagined when I was 8, but mysterious because the whole website is in French and I don’t know the language. Um, where are all the books and manuscripts? I dunno. I’m really not so interested in reading books about magic, sorcery, talismans, and things like that any more. Of course, if someone has some stories to tell, or if you’ve actually visited that big big library, do post your comments. I’d like to know if you have been there, have found anything interesting, whether they use the dewey decimal system like we do, etc., and whether the key of Solomon is buried somewhere among the stacks of parchments.

The front of that library (photo taken from the outside) looks kinda smaller than I would imagine it to be. Maybe one day I’ll actually visit it in person. I found the address at the UK National Archives (here) at 1 “rue de sully” street. So maybe it’s as big as a street. But then, if I visit, I wonder if they would actually let me paw through all their texts and volumes. Probably not.

Oh how I wish I was 8 again 🙂


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