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Resumes and College

About an hour ago, someone asked me to keep an eye out for a couple books that they needed. I said, “sure, give me the ISBN numbers.” When I got to the computer and looked them up, I see that although they are like “textbooks,” they are more like study books. What is the subject matter? Job hunting and how to write resumes. I thought that books on this subject are a wonderful idea. Students who are looking for work, to get that first job, looking to get hired may not have any idea what employers are looking for. And, a good place to start learning about those kinds of things are from books! (Notice the title of this blog is Books… and Learned Things.)

I would think most of us can figure out that an employer wants basic qualities, such as being on time, being prompt, polite, courteous, etc., but I would think that if your resume just says you are good at being on time, there may be the possibility that others’ resumes might, uh, ‘beat out’ your resume. So what do you put on one? How do you portray yourself? Well, guess what. I don’t know. I don’t have a clue. I, myself, would have to find out. How would I find out? I’d probably go to a library (either like a big library┬áthat I wrote about on this blog, or a local one) or bookstore or bookshop and read some books on how to job hunt, and how to write a good resume.

My goodness time flies. I’m a perfectionist and I could have written more, but I spent most of my time correcting the grammar in this post. Do you all have that same tendency?


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