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Normally when I study, I will read through the subject matter from front to back. I’ll start from the front page, work my way through to the end of the book, and call it good. Recently, however, I started studying “backwards” from the back of the textbook to the front. It feels like that does something to my brain/mind in a tactile way. Probably like when people force themselves to handwrite using the non-dominant hand. Like exercising a usually-non-exercised portion of your study patterns.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that anyone studies this way, but for me, for some reason, it actually feels good, and allows me to internalize whatever data I am trying to get my head around.

Here are a few of my study methods. They may be ones you already use, and they may not be ones that you use. You have to make your own choices, so please don’t take these as any kind of “recommendation” or suggestion. This is a list I’ve made, just for fun:

  • Reading from back to front.
  • Studying from the beginning to the end.
  • Studying a book from the middle to the front, and then from the middle to the back.
  • Reading from beginning, to the back; then repeating the reading and study from the back all the way to the beginning (like mowing a lawn diagonally, then diagonally again the other way).
  • Imagining myself studying, while I’m actually studying.
  • Taking notes while doing any of the aforementioned 5 steps.

And, there you have it. My various methods of studying things. In a previous post, I went into some details about libraries, in particular, a library in France called the “Bibliotheque de L’Arsenal.” Locally, right here in the United States, we have a number of libraries that are as large, or even larger. If I were to go into one of those libraries and start studying microfilms, literary works, or whatever, I would probably use one of those study methods. For me, the most important way to study is to be sure to actually learn what it is that I am reading about. Then, when I feel I have a tangible grasp on the material, I can say that I’m done studying! Readers — you saw I just now said “tangible” grasp. By ‘tangible’ I mean when I’ve learned something, it has a certain tactile feel to it. Read on:

Tangible Feel To Learning:

I made a little headline right there, “tangible feel…” because have you ever asked somebody a technical question (e.g. “What is the 4th planet in the solar system?”) and you get a vague answer (e.g. “Well, there are quite a few planets, it depends…”). Obviously, they have no clue. They DON’T have a tangible grasp on the topic. But when you do have a full grasp, you can answer with authority (“Mars!”). Did that make sense? Hopefully I explained this in a sensible way. Anyway, I’m about half-way through my study of latin literature, so I’m done writing for the night! Good night!


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