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Anyone do this? You see a movie (a super great hit, or a nominee for a prize) and you absolutely love it! Then, you decide to read a boo, and it happens to be the book the movie is based on? Well, I did this last week. Now, some people have different opinions, but me, I LOVED doing this! It was like seeing an excellent movie, twice! (Or, reading an excellent book twice.) I’m not going to say the name of the movie that I saw (I’ll keep the media that I read or watch to myself for now), but I have to say that for me it was an incredible experience.

This experience has impacted me so much that today, a week later, I still can feel the “vibe” of that movie and the book. Remember my earlier post about “emotional impact” and how reading different things can cause various thoughts and emotions to arise, e.g. joy, peace, sentimient, etc., and I pointed out the difference between reading words on a sign compared to reading words in a story. My next question or topic may be on whether the written word has double the emotional impact if along with reading those words, a person watches something visual, like a movie. So by watching a movie and reading its corresponding book, is the emotional impact doubled? This dovetails nicely with a new idea I have been thinking about which I might want to discuss later. The idea is about reinforcing the learning of an idea, topic, or subject by reading AND watching. The concurrent stimulation of our senses using simultaneous stimulation of the learning centers in our brain.

Learning can occur in many different ways. If you want to try an experiment, how about this. The next time you watch a movie and read the text which matches the storyline, consider whether you learn more, less, or the same as if you had only done one or the other. Of course, the script may or may not correspond to the filming of the material, but that is up to you to decide.


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