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This seems to be the hardest part, for me, about writing. Going from my very first post, to the second post. Like building a diving board and then having to take the first leap.

here to there

from here to there, or a to b, or whatever.

So it’s all about going from my first post, to the second. I have this stack of teaching books here, each elaborating on some various aspect of writing. One says, “Give your readers an idea where your thoughts and feelings are coming from.” I am thinking “HUH”? Give my readers an idea? How about I do even better and insert an image into this post. I am going from one point to the next. Maybe one of my books already suggests that.

Anyway, I think it is time for a list. Here is a big list:

  1. The grounds. There is green grass, flowers, and trees everywhere.
  2. The big building. Yes, we mentioned a college of some sort in a previous post. But now I’m talking about anything with a foundation (brick, concrete, stone, or wood).
  3. The inside of the building where studying is going to take place.
  4. A floor plan of how to get from one place to another.

There, that is my “leaping point.” The next topic should be far more interesting!




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