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Some days, doesn’t it seem like there is this thing called “space” on one end of a stick and “time” on another end, and all we’re doing is balancing the two? See, we have to get from one place (point ‘a’) to another place (point ‘b’) in a certain amount of time. Others rely on that! Someone expects us to be at a certain place at a certain time, or, we, ourselves, expect to be somewhere, at a certain place, at a certain time. Well, the title of this blog refers to “Learned Things” (that’s Learn-ed, two syllables, in case you’re asking…), so you’re probably wondering, what’s so learned about balancing time and space? Read on!

Consider this scenario: what if you never had to be on-time for anything. You sat on a park bench all day long reading a book, feeding birds. Nighttime approaches, but you really don’t have to be anywhere, or even go home to your bed to sleep. Isn’t that the ultimate in timelessness? Normally, we keep track of where we have to be. Right now you are reading this blog. You know you have a few minutes left before you have something else to do, so you continue reading. If someone asks if you are busy, you probably say “Oh, well I’m reading, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” or something to that effect. Again, limitations of time and space. What I’m trying to get at is what happens if you don’t have to be anywhere, at any time. Now, saying “Well I have all day” doesn’t count, because what about tomorrow? I’m talking about having unlimited time.

Back to balancing that space vs time “stick” mentioned in the first paragraph. If the time you have is unlimited, won’t that throw off the stick? Make it impossible to balance? Hmm? When I look at a typical day, it’s made up of discrete moments, all grouped together. If you don’t want to search all around the internet about “space time,” there’s an interesting piece on “stacking” time written by a U of P professor, found here¬†and there’s even a cool looking illustration (much better drawn than my illustrations ha ha) of this spiraly circular stacked time thingy. This circular-ish illustration kinda depicts a typical week for me. Anyway, back on point, back to that balanced stick.

balancingWhat happens if your time is finite, so finite it feels constrained? Then, dear reader, the stick will tilt the other way. Space becomes heavy. WE feel heavy and burdened. So constantly, we balance space with time. Please let others know about this blog, as I would most definitely like to hear your comments, and suggestions on this post, particularly your experiences balancing the two as unique entities, instead of a free-flowing river.

In conclusion, the essence of what we experience in our day to day life of learning about stuff, education, and absorbing information seems contingent on how much time we allot to such pursuits. We are finite creatures, in that we will be ‘alive’ on this earthly realm for a set number of human years (after which is a matter for discussion in another place, another time). We have to count minutes, hours, and days; we have to consider what happens next, what we do next, and most importantly, what we choose to study.


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Why do people (well, some people) associate READING with BOOKS? Aside from the obvious, a person can read lots of things. Yesterday’s post already had a list, so I’m going to make a short list: a person can read labels, magazines, newspapers, and signs.


That’s today’s topic: signs and signposts. Do you ever wonder what they really mean? Do signs exist to indicate things? To tell people what to do? On the road, there are signs that say “stop” or “don’t cross” or “do this, don’t do that.” None of those signs bother very many people. What if they did? What if you were walking across the street, and suddenly saw a sign that says “Don’t cross.” Would you get irritated? In my opinion, seeing a sign that says that shouldn’t have an emotional impact. Rather, it is an instructional/warning sign to NOT CROSS THE ROAD. If you stand there thinking about it, then that might not be a good thing! So following rules can be a good thing. Hmm… why does it say that? Are they being ‘demanding’ or ‘rude’ or whatever? Ha! That would be silly. That is taking an emotional point of view when given an instruction. If a person reads the owner’s manual to a device or vehicle, or some mechanical item and it says to keep the tires inflated to a certain PSI, does one think “Why are they making demands of me?” No, of course not, these are simple rules or policies or instructions that should be paid attention to.

Okay, back to books… (I can almost hear all of you book lovers out there that are thinking “get back to talking about books…”). What is it with book lovers, anyway? They go on and on about “oohh, I like books so much…” like they are making a blanket statement. Always struck me as strange. I mean, some books are great, and some, well, belong in a box. In the trunk of a car. As weight. To help keep a car that needs trunk-load-balancing balanced. Anyway, back to books: many are instructional, many are informational, and many are just plain ol’ FUN reading (and/or a mixture of the above, and then some). Do you like those colors? Then, why do some books have an emotional impact?!

Emotional Impact of Reading

Have you ever watched someone read a book and then they start to laugh, or cry, get depressed, or become happy? Why does a BOOK do that, and a ROAD SIGN does not? Is it the words? The amount of words? Or is it the context in which it was read? Let’s ponder that for a few moments. Don’t just blurt out what you think the reason is (you may be right, you may be wrong), but just think.impact

Did you come up with an answer? I did. Conditioning. It is our conditioning. We don’t really see that many individuals becoming emotionally involved with a road sign. But all around us, we see people getting absorbed in reading their books. Perhaps the exception may be students who may only get intellectually involved with their college texts. But just take a moment to look at the avid reader in a shop, a store, or a coffee house. The frowns, the smiles. Very interesting, wouldn’t you say!?

Do I have any readers yet? If any of you are reading this far, then for goodness sakes please tell others about this blog! I would love to hear (well, read — I don’t know how good your voice is) your comment(s) and suggestions. If you have compliments to tell me, I am right here. If you have things you don’t like, then just keep it to yourself! Well, okay, you can tell me about that, too.

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