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It’s time to write something. Every day I pass by the same buildings, the same streets, the same tree. Off in the distance is a big university with quite a few students (likely studying, and what not). Of course it’s made out of brick, you know, the kind with ivy and trees and well-landscaped grounds. If I were to go inside, it’s likely I would find places that serve food, maybe even coffee (probably near the library, right?). Next door to the university is a big sign that says “college of education.” Now THAT’S what I want to write about: education.

What’s “education” supposed to be about? I’m educated. You’re educated, we are all educated in some way. For example, today I learned that if a person is cutting grass, it’s good to leave a little bit of grass above the ground if you want to keep it healthy so that it grows good in throughout the season. I didn’t really have to go to college to learn that. I learned it by reading!

Now I’m rambling. My first paragraph was about education, my second about reading, and now my third is about getting things done. When a person on TV is idolized as a hero (the one who wins freedom for the community, the one who rescues those that need to be rescued, the person that needs to be counted on), I think their main quality is getting things done. That is the purpose of this blog. I am somehow (some how, some way, however, whatever) going to tie all those topics together, and it will make sense. Lemme repeat that. IT…WILL…MAKE…SENSE… (probably).

So, back to the university building. It’s all about the architecture, the structure. It’s going to be there for a long time because that is what the future is all about; being around for a long time. Sure, students may study at a non-brick building, or a temporary structure, nothing wrong with that. But I’m trying to make a point so if the reader would kindly allow me to generalize. A solid structure fosters an aire of consistency, whereby learning is facilitated. Of course, that’s only my opinion, but now that I’ve got that down on paper, so to speak , I can begin to consider where I want to take this blog, what topics to explore, and what may be of interest, of entertainment value, or something informative.


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