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Lately, it’s been hard for me to write. As soon as I “put pen to paper,” I look at what I’ve written and immediately think that it isn’t good enough. It’s driving me crazy. Does anyone else have that problem? No, that’s not a rhetorical question (I really am asking people that question). Amusing as that may seem, it has seriously hindered me from putting my thoughts down on paper, in this blog. But, today, I’m just going to write. I won’t edit myself. That’s funny, isn’t it! It all comes down to balance. To balance one’s life, to balance one’s learning, and to appreciate the meaning of balance is one of the important lessons to learn.

ray of light

Ray of light, shining over and through the mountains.

When I visualize my own thought processes, I see things as rays of light, shining brightly, and shining through the tops of things. Because light shines over the top of a landscape, the natural balance of nature inspires us to learn, to learn lessons, and to become a path to that which we seek.


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