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Throughout time and history, education has always been held as one of the most high value of all things considered valuable. Several centuries ago, education was once only available to royalty and the priests, no matter what the culture around the world, so far as I have understood it to have been. How amazing that we now have, at our own choice and willpower, this great gift of immense value to learn things! Students not only have a choice to educate themselves when they get older, but our great nation (realizing what great power comes with education) declared all children have a right to access a great deal of knowledge! I decided to create an image honoring the sentiment I have about education, mind, and unity.

education and unity

If you wish to examine the aspects of this image, the earth, the land, the golden rays of knowledge, and introspectively assume an inward (and contemplative) focus while considering the impact education has on one’s life, then perhaps we can unite our feelings of knowledge together.


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